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Integrated design environment
Break the gap equipment system and enterprise system, to provide scalable solutions for the future.
Single secure network
Secure network access in a fully open-ended environment
High reliability
MTTF >one million hours
Any question replied and all indicators monitored 7*24 hours


Provide mature automation control solutions for many industries.


    MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the focus of the implementation of digital smart plants and the core and key of building digital smart plants. MES is a production information management system designed for workshop executives. The system is connected to an ERP system on one end and the on-site equipment such as PLC controllers, data collectors, bar code and inspection instruments on the other end.

    Jetron’s MES is constructed through the following:

        l  Plant modeling—digital mapping plant modeling (plant, workshop, section, and procedure)

        l  Equipment networking—industrial workshops planned and constructed with Ethernet, supporting network

        l  Production scheduling—advanced production scheduling (APS)

        l  Plan publication—allocation of production tasks and plans and publication of relevant process standards and drawings

        l  Workshop logistics—supply of materials necessary for production and deployment of tools and equipment

        l  Data collection—collection of data on personnel, machinery and materials during the whole process of manufacturing (main production data, quality information, equipment data, and energy data) and automatic collection enabled by the construction of SCADA system

        l  Statistics and analysis—statistics and analysis of production big data, SPC analysis, and presenting statistical and analysis results from various perspectives by themes

        l  Process control—abnormality warning, product map, production traceability, field visualization, monitoring center, and mobile apps

        l  Overall management—production, quality, equipment, and energy

Functional module


System structure

    Industry data center (IDC) and industry Internet of Things

    Complete planning and implementation of IDC is able to provide industry-level virtualized application services and centralized management of physical mainframes, reduce cost of daily maintenance and significantly cut down service downtime caused by software updating. Compared to traditional approaches, IDC is able to significantly simplify the management of terminal hardware at workshops by implementation of thin client applications.

    Jetron owns a high level capacity of planning and implementing industrial Internet of Things

        l  Standardized industry safety strategies

        l  Safety network framework deploying the approach of defense in depth

        l  Implementation of industrial DMZ

    Construction of SCADA system and visualized presentation of data collection

        l  Unlike many other manufacturers who can only provide application services at the level of MES software, Jetron has a MES engineering team with extensive experience and excellent capability in integration of automation and information applications. The team is capable of providing customized SCADA data collection solutions for customers, complying with standard design, programming and testing procedures and norms, performing complete and standard system planning and thus carrying out SCADA system construction with high reliability (99.99%) for customers through high quality system programming and hardware selection.

        l  Jetron’s MES is able to be seamlessly integrated with SCADA for automatic collection of equipment data. In addition, it supports the data collection approaches of multiple data collection devices (such as station terminal touch screen PC, PDA, photoelectric counters, and various smart instruments).

        l  Provide basic data for real time monitoring and statistics and analysis of whole production process by collecting various information and data like start/completion points of product working orders, output, nonconformity analysis, production personnel, equipment information, production materials, and inspection parameters.

    Visualization of production site and data statistics and analysis

        l  Jetron MES provides an on-site real time monitoring screen based on production lines and machinery (scrolling display) at the production site to enable a direct understanding of the state and status of production, quality, equipment, personnel, and abnormalities of each production line and machine.

        l  Jetron MES provides an on-site real time monitoring screen of workshop-level monitoring to present an overall view of the state and status of equipment operation, production, quality and personnel of the production lines within a workshop.

        l  Integrated SCADA enables real time monitoring of the real time parameters of single or multiple devices.

        l  A sound and light flashing mechanism is used for warning abnormalities.

        l  Provide a workshop’s daily, weekly and monthly statistical statements on major information such as yield, quality, and efficiency.