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Integrated design environment
Break the gap equipment system and enterprise system, to provide scalable solutions for the future.
Single secure network
Secure network access in a fully open-ended environment
High reliability
MTTF >one million hours
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Provide mature automation control solutions for many industries.

Basis of industrial network

       Automation has become the prevailing trend in the development of global industrial manufacturing and a range of industrial markets of automation equipment are growing rapidly. A complete automation production line includes PLC, system control software and industrial robots. All these parts need to be connected by industrial Ethernet to form a unified whole. As an effective local area network, industrial Ethernet is an important part of a modern automatic industrial production system. No matter it is sensor data transmission or production equipment control, all these need Ethernet to construct a basic control network. This is one reason why industrial Ethernet has been increasingly used in automatic production.

       With the development of network technologies and higher requirements for network performance from industrial control filed in recent years, Ethernet is gradually entering the industrial control field to develop new Ethernet control network technologies. Therefore, industrial Ethernet communication requires sufficient instantaneity, reliability, anti-interference, network failure resistance, anti-interception, and anti-forgery performance to guarantee high quality control data communication.

       Compared to conventional Ethernet, industrial Ethernet needs to address a number of problems such as openness, instantaneity, synchronicity, reliability, anti-interference and safety. This is where industrial automation manufacturers are different from conventional IT manufacturers and able to bring higher values to industrial users. Traditional Ethernet was not designed for industrial applications and did not consider the adaptation needs of industrial field environment. Conditions of industrial fields, such as machinery, climate, and dust, may be very tough. Therefore, the requirements for equipment’s industrial reliability are much higher and even extremely rigorous for applications in some high-risk fields.

       Industrial Ethernet switches are Ethernet exchanging devices used in industrial control fields. Thanks to the network standards applied, industrial Ethernet switches have good openness and wide application. They are able to endure low and high temperatures with high capacity of electromagnetic interference resistance, salt mist resistance and earthquake resistance. Using transparent and unified protocol of TCP/IP, Ethernet has become the dominant communication standard in the field of industrial control. Ethernet is mainly used for industrial control automation, traffic control automation, automation building control systems, automatic mine control systems, oil field control automation, hydropower station control automation, and power system control. Industrial Ethernet switches are mainly used for real-time Ethernet data transmission in complex industrial environments. As CAMA/CD was deployed in its design, Ethernet may demonstrate much lower reliability or break down when used in complex industrial environments. By using store and exchange switching method and with improved Ethernet communication speed and built-in smart alarming design to monitor network operation, Industrial Ethernet switches guarantee the reliable and stable operation of Ethernet in tough and dangerous industrial environments.

       1. Robustness

       2. Easy to configure

       3. Reliable commercial compatibility

       4. Ring topology to provide redundancy path

       5. A wide range of product line

       6. Webmaster software

       7. Built-in high quality and reliable parts to ensure long MTBF

       8. Applicable to above-standard temperature status, e.g. -40℃–75℃

       9. Strong and durable housing and sound temperature resistance

       10. Compliance with industrial specification (CE/FCC/UL) and qualified in rigorous tests such as crash, drop, and vibration tests

 Industry related technologies

       As an expert in system component, accessory and unified management software on the global markets, we provide our customers with comprehensive and overall expertise.